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PETA: Heavenly Ways to Indulge in Vegan White Chocolate

VGAN Chocolate Vegan White Chocolate with Almonds & Salty Caramel

Made from a coconut cream and cacao butter base, this bar has a luscious caramel sweetness and an almond crunch throughout.... [READ MORE]

"The undeniable demand for vegan sweets is being satisfied by supermarkets and specialty shops alike. Everyone knows that chocolate is the king of sweets, but what about white chocolate? White chocolate sometimes contains cow’s milk, which contributes to a cycle of cruelty perpetuated by the dairy industry. Cows used for dairy produce milk for their babies, only to have it and their calves stolen from them. By going vegan, you help keep mother cows and their babies together. Thankfully, these compassionate companies are making delicious, indulgent white chocolate without cow’s milk!"

Whether you need chocolate chips for baking—or you’re just having a snack attack—here are some wonderful ways to indulge in vegan white chocolate: [READ MORE]

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